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Can't think of a title..

Once upon a time there lived a girl who dreamt. She dreamt for her future. She dreamt that she would be supported by her own people to achieve her dreams. She dreamt together with them, for a beautiful world.

However her dreams crashlanded. Her own people killed her dreams :). They didn’t stand beside her, but against her. She fought. She persisted. She failed.

Today the person no longer dreams. She only sleeps. She is alive. But not living.

“Life is never easy for those who dream."



  1. But Life is hell easy for those who believes :)
    Stay blessed & be always shining my *sunshine* :)

  2. Things won't always turn out to be as I wanted.I should be prepared because there are no certainties here on earth.I should have known earlier. :)

    Itna to apka sunshine smjh gaya hai ab bhai :)

  3. When you give your best and outcome isn't what you were expecting then don't be hurt or disappointed being its mean the best PLANNER has something best planned for you and going to reveal soon :)
    Mera Sunshine Masha'ALLAH Samajhdar Hai So Bhai Knows K Experiences Will Add More Shine To Her :)

  4. :)

    and and andddddd... Apney atlast mera blog follow kia :D :D :D Shukraaaann ^_^ Tehe

  5. Dreams do come true .. Dreaming for future means with the whole world not just the people around you .. people have went away with whom u had a dream but you still exist with that dream .. Stay tuned just don't run away .. you will soon see *sparkles*

  6. Duaa Tariq MansoorApril 25, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    yusra :D

  7. :D Aaaaaaaaa Duaaaaaa :O :D :D

    @Faish Hmm.. Agreed to that, Thankyou :)

  8. Established Fact : there are no certainties here on earth. :)

  9. I want to know where do you find such awesome images :D
    As for the post, that girl should have supported *herself* to chase the dreams, not have cared for people's support. She knows where she want to go. There is still a way, wake her up!!!
    I missed your's and ITM's blog reading <3 :D

  10. pata hai kiya jo log dreams dekhte hain kam se kam wo sub unhe pora krna chahte hain :)
    so whoever doesnt dreams has no ambitions n goals to reach
    lov ya <3

  11. “Life is never easy for those who dream."

    I can so relate to that! :)
    Nice blog girlie! :D

  12. @Anum Awww. Luv ya tooo :)*hearts*

    @Hafsa Thanks for liking & dropping by :)

  13. Pocket to mottu k pas hai :/ :P

  14. dream is the only thing which give a reason to struggle n wanted that dream to be come true so dreams play the major role n life is a tale woe of misery told by an idiot full of worry signifying nothing

  15. true :) but people succeed who dream :)