& the rest is still unwritten...


I am still standing right there, without a bit of change...

Everybody seems to have moved on.
Everybody seems busy and excited with their lives.
And where am I again?
Still there, no progress, no change, no plans ahead.
I feel so lost.
Like a blind person walking on a road without any clue of where am I heading to or what am I going to do next?
I hate feeling this way it sucks..
I hate to feel left out.
Everybody seems just fine and moving on happily, making progress and making out something out of their life.
So why am I not? Why am I being so lost?
Well, I am just to weak to do anything now, down with fever and flu again :/
Yeah, for the how many times of the year I don't know.
I seriously need to get my blood tested: s
"What’s the point in living if there's no life in it?"
*that's what I feel at the moment* 



  1. damn similar to my feelings today :(

  2. *sends u chocolates* :D Ab Thk hojaao :D :D

  3. heeeeeeelooo teeeeeeelo!!
    checkout this post
    Keyboard Hits or Mouse Clicks.. ??
    , you are mentioned there.
    muwahh <3

  4. Aww :D <3 ya dee ^_^ *muwah back*

  5. Really like the pictures you used in your post.