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- Why!? - For all the ladies out there!

- Q: Why would a man hurt a woman emotionally, over and over again, even though he knows that she loves him? 

- A: Because, in a sick way, the guy enjoys the power over his girl. Knowing she has a low self-esteem, because any woman with a high self-esteem wouldn't allow that, he takes her love to his advantage and gets pleasure in making her feel miserable. This usually results in a low self-esteem from the guy as well, or some mental illness going on. Knowing he can apologize and make things seem like they're good again, he'll only re-create the circle over and over. The sad, slap-in-the-face reality is that everyone but the girl knows he is never going to change. The girl continues to hope that things could get better, but once again, the circle has re-created itself. Sometimes people get stuck in this sick, twisted circle for so long, they can't get out. They're trapped, and they can't get out of it. It's almost like an addiction. An addiction that never seems to end. It has to end someday, because even the people with the lowest self-esteem have boundaries. Trust me, I've seen this with a couple, and it's not a pretty sight. The boyfriend will keep hurting his girlfriend, but for some sick reason, she won't leave him. It's a sad truth, but disappointingly too common... 

- End. 

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